Communicating with Others

No matter where you work or what job you have, communication matters. We need to communicate with our boss, our coworkers, as well as our customers or clients—we are in constant communication with others. Therefore, it’s a great idea for everyone to build their personal communication skills. When we take the time to strengthen our communication skills, we become more effective at work, we get more things done, and people enjoy working with us. All of which makes for a great and rewarding work situation. The Communicating with Others courseware will provide you the information and tools you’ll need to strengthen your personal communication skills and become more effective at work.

This bundle comprises 5 courses to help you achieve the following goals:

-Monitor and improve your nonverbal communication actions
-Strengthen your ability to read other people’s body language
-Determine how you will talk about, promote and share the organization’s vision with others
-Create a concise branding statement to connect others to the organization’s vision
-Positively handle queries or complaints from your customers

10 mins each| SCORM |

Vado Learning Track
Learning Tracks provide recommended course bundles to take together for an in-depth development experience.This course bundle is part of the following Vado Learning Track: Becoming a Future Leader
• Communicating with Others
• Building Your Leadership Skills
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Talk About and Promote the Company Vision
  • Create a Vision Branding Statement
  • Handling Customer Complaints
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed