HACCP Level 3

HACCP Level 3 (INL12)

Who Should Take This Course?
This HACCP Level 3 course is essential for anybody wanting to develop their careers with an internationally recognised qualification. This online course is for professionals in the food sector and is designed to help you understand what is involved in a successful HACCP food safety management system. This course is also ideal for people running their own business and wanting to operate legally and safely. The course will take you through the essential steps of the HACCP planning process and help you understand how to identify food safety hazards, select relevant control measures and ensure the HACCP system continues to operate efficiently and effectively.

The course is divided into 15 easy to follow modules includes a multiple choice test at the end.

Course Content
1. An Introduction to HACCP
2. HACCP and The Law
3. HACCP Alternatives
4. Planning a HACCP System
5. Food Safety Hazards
6. Prerequisite Programmes
7. Creating the HACCP System
8. Principle 1: Hazard Analysis
9. Principle 2: Critical Control Points
10. Principle 3: Critical Limits
11. Principle 4: Monitoring Critical Control Points
12. Principle 5: Corrective Action
13. Principle 6: Verification of the HACCP System
14. Principle 7: Documentation
15. Implementing the HACCP System

By the end of this course learners will be able to:
• Explain the importance of HACCP systems and the background of food safety management
• Understand the legal requirements pertaining to HACCP and food safety management systems that can be chosen
• Develop the essential hygiene prerequisites as foundations for effective HACCP
• Recite the seven principles of HACCP
• Understand the importance of having effective prerequisite programmes in place
• Explain the different approaches to the use of HACCP
• Understand the significance of critical limits and corrective action and know why these need to be carefully monitored
• Know how to validate and verify the HACCP plan and understand the importance of keeping documentation
• Develop a HACCP plan
• Carry out hazard analysis and defining control measures
• Identify critical control points (CCPs)
• Control CCPs – limits, monitoring and corrective action
• Manage a HACCP plan

Course Info
Fully online course and multiple choice test with no time limits
On completion, certificate is instantly downloadable

Completion rules
  • All units must be completed