Management & leadership

Ethics for Managers

Welcome to our seven-part video course on “Ethics For Managers”! If there’s one thing just about everyone in the working world can agree with, it’s that people need to be ethical. Every large company… READ MORE

Creating Engagement Among Employees

Welcome to the “Creating Engagement Among Employees” video course. This seven-part series will help you understand what passes for employee engagement at many organizations, how to measure employee engagement… READ MORE

Creating Accountability

Welcome to our five-part video course on “Creating Accountability”! Things like inefficiencies, rework, defective products, misunderstandings, or theft, happen because there’s no one taking responsibility. ..READ MORE

Disagreements at Work

Welcome to our “Advanced Supervisor” series on “Disagreements at Work” which is a four-part video course! This series shows you how to handle disagreement in a professional fashion.. READ MORE

Coaching for Higher Performance

Welcome to our seven-part video course on “Coaching for Higher Performance”! Formalized coaching is one of the most powerful ways to achieve true “transfer of learning” from any development… READ MORE

Using the Discipline Process

Welcome to our 4-part video course on Using the Discipline Process! In this video course, you will learn a progressive discipline process for non-severe situations and the advantages and disadvantages of using a progressive discipline.. READ MORE

Leadership Fundamentals

Welcome to the “Leadership Fundamentals” video course! While there exists a long tradition of leadership advice trying to tell you the best way to do things, we recognize that there is no single leadership.. READ MORE

Leadership and Motivation

Welcome to our video course “Leadership and Motivation.” A leader’s job is to improve performance while working toward a goal. One aspect of this is motivation, or helping people find reasons to put in full effort.. READ MORE

Performance Appraisals

Welcome to our video course titled “Performance Appraisals.” This eight-part series of video lessons will help you understand the value of a performance appraisal process, avoid common mistakes, and design a system that best helps you and your employees work toward higher performance together. This program is valid for one PDC for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP… READ MORE

Leadership and Delegation

Welcome to the “Leadership and Delegation” series of video lessons meant to teach you how to delegate tasks in an appropriate and effective manner. This video course, which comprises six video lessons, provides information on the top.. READ MORE

Leadership and Building an Effective Team

Welcome to the “Leadership and Building an Effective Team” video course meant to teach you how to form an effective leadership team. It comprises six video lessons that explain strategies for assembling a productive and diverse team of.. READ MORE

Welcome to the “Leadership and Empowerment” video course meant to show leaders how to empower their employees in order to increase productivity, engagement, and customer satisfaction. It comprises six video lessons that describe what empowerment… READ MORE

Welcome to “Leadership and Change,” a video course meant to teach you how to lead your organization in a way that supports change. It comprises nine video lessons that explain the importance of change as a core competency, the resistance to… READ MORE

Enhancing Productivity With Remote Workers

Welcome to the “Enhancing Productivity With Remote Workers” video course meant to teach employees and managers alike how to take advantage of remote working. This course, which comprises three video lessons, discusses how to be a productive worker, as well as how to effectively manage remote.. READ MORE

Coaching Career Development

As a manager, one of your roles is to help coach and develop your employees. This includes helping them grow in their career. Whether it’s understanding a person’s career aspirations, helping individuals navigate.. READ MORE