Coaching Career Development​

As a manager, one of your roles is to help coach and develop your employees. This includes helping them grow in their career. Whether it’s understanding a person’s career aspirations, helping individuals navigate the company career system, or assisting your employees in building a professional network—you can help, and you should. The Coaching Career Development courseware will help you build your knowledge and skills to best help your employees as they embark on their own personal career path. Great career coaching from you matters. Your employees will be grateful for the assistance, and the organization will be thrilled with employees who are growing in their skills and increasing their contribution to the company.

This bundle comprises 6 courses to help you achieve the following goals:

-Get to know your employee’s career desires and aspirations
-Employees learn about the company career system
-Create a career plan with your employee
-Identify skill development opportunities for your employee
-Help build your employee’s professional network
-If needed, set appropriate expectations with employees regarding their career plans

10 mins each| SCORM |

Vado Learning Track
Learning Tracks provide recommended course bundles to take together for an in-depth development experience.This course bundle is part of the following Vado Learning Track: Career Development
• Coaching Career Development
• Developing for Success
• Building Your Career

  • Employee Career Aspirations
  • The Company Career System
  • Career Plans for Your Employees
  • Finding Employee Development Opportunities
  • Building an Employee_s Professional Network
  • Career Plans and Employee Expectations
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed