Personal Development

Building Strategic Relationships

Welcome to our four-part video course on “Building Strategic Relationships.” Strategic relationships focus on long-term personal benefits with an emphasis on career and personal development. This video course covers planning, launching,.. READ MORE

Using Emotional Intelligence

Welcome to the “Using Emotional Intelligence” video series! Emotional intelligence comes naturally to some, and is difficult for many others. This eight-lesson video course covers the major components of EI: self-awareness, self-regulation… READ MORE

Career Advancement

Welcome to the “Career Advancement” video course! In order for your career to progress, you need the courage and the confidence to work for such steps as a raise or a promotion.These seven video lessons on career advancement will help… READ MORE

Best Practices for Knowledge Management

Welcome to the “Best Practices for Knowledge Management” series of video lessons meant to give learners the tools to effectively exchange ideas in the workplace and continuously improve practices at every level. This course comprises three video lessons and… READ MORE

Cognitive Flexibility

Welcome to the “Cognitive Flexibility” course of video lessons, which teaches you how to stretch your mind. This course comprises four video lessons and defines cognitive flexibility, as well as explains the benefits of an open mind and the mental and physical… READ MORE

How to Be Liked and Respected

Welcome to the “How to Be Liked and Respected” video course meant to teach individuals how to cultivate a positive reputation and develop positive relationships at work. This course, which comprises six video lessons, discusses… READ MORE

Creating a Motivating Experience

Welcome to the ‘Creating a Motivating Experience’ video course meant to help you build and sustain a positive motivational work culture. This course comprises five video lessons that cover topics ranging from a basic understanding of motivation… READ MORE

Increasing Your Contribution at Work

This course is made for Individuals to develop the skills required to deliver high performing results.

This bundle comprises a number of courses to help you achieve the following goals:… READ MORE

Providing Resources for Success

This course is made for Managers to learn how to provide the resources employees need to successfully deliver their objectives and achieve team goals.

This bundle comprises a number of courses to help you achieve the following goals:.. READ MORE

Developing Work Relationships

This course is made for Individuals to build their relationships with colleagues and peers to increase personal success and team collaboration.

This bundle comprises a number of courses to help you achieve the following goals:.. READ MORE