Safety & Health Staffing Solutions

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Whether you need an interim EHS professional during a staff transition or require extra support and expertise for during audits, inspections, or special projects, Compliance Management professionals Africa can step in at short notice. Our consultants have a breadth of knowledge and subject matter expertise, enabling us to quickly find a fit and fill the role.

Who Needs This Service

Businesses and organizations that care about the safety of their people and their bottom line know that having safety experts on site brings added-value to their business.

Our staff is equipped to work across many industries, including construction, pipeline, power, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, warehouse, assembly, chemical processing, service, maintenance, laboratory, and healthcare operations located anywhere in the Africa.

Temporary Staffing

CMPA provides temporary project staffing support and safety services through its nationwide team of EHS professionals. Rather than shouldering the expense of permanent safety personnel, employ the exact expertise you need, only during the time period you need it. You will receive high-caliber, professional support through a dedicated, knowledgeable professional hand selected by our leadership team for your organization’s needs and culture. We take the same measures to ensure the quality of our placements on both temporary and permanent hires.

Permanent Staffing

When you need to add an in-house safety professional, why go through the time and hassle of recruiting, or work with a firm who really doesn’t understand safety? Our Direct Hire Placement Services puts our own recruiting team to work for you, whether your specific needs are for entry-level or executive-caliber professionals, we ask deep questions to fully understand your organizations needs and culture and then utilize our national network of environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals to find the right team member for your organization.

What You Receive

By tapping into CMPA’s national network of professionals, your team no longer has the hassle of the recruiting and interviewing process, and our CMPA team assumes many of the responsibilities on your behalf, providing your organization with:

  • No unemployment and payroll taxes to deal with.
  • No cost of workers compensation to you.
  • No employee benefits expense, as CMPA will provide benefits such as health.
  • Reduced risk and liability. CMPA Safety Professionals are covered with professional liability insurance.
  • No downtime. Should one of our consultants get sick or become unavailable we have the ability to quickly provide a replacement.
  • No additional training cost. Have specific training specifications to meet? We will provide the safety professional with the credentials and expertise to meet those requirements.
  • Each of our employees are subject to pre-employment drug screenings and background check
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Our Partners

At Compliance Management Professionals Africa, our partnership has ignited a transformative journey in how we perceive workplace safety, human resource management, and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) management in the workplace. The depth of their expertise and tailored solutions has not only fortified our adherence to legal regulations but has also propelled our company culture to new heights. Their role goes beyond that of mere consultants; they have seamlessly integrated themselves as partners in our pursuit of success.

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