Safety & Health Staffing

Safety staffing can be a real source of stress for construction companies and manufacturing industries alike. Often, the job is passed on to a foreman who really has no business handling the details of the safety plan and compliance obligations. He or she is already busy enough with the daily tasks of the foreman position.

Other times, the company owner or manager attempts to stay on top of safety. Again, this can be a problem because safety should never been an “extra task” or afterthought. It must be a primary focus of your company.

Compliance Management Professionals Africa can meet this essential need for your company. We offer safety staffing and an on-site safety coordinator staffing service on a national and global level. 

Our professional services ensure you never have to drop a bid for a project because you don’t have a safety coordinator on staff that can be present on the construction site. We can help you to deploy the onsite personnel you need to achieve and maintain compliance and safety guidelines and standards.

Why Choose Safety CMPA for Your Safety Staffing Needs?

Of course, there are other companies out there that will meet your staffing needs, but it’s unlikely they take the time and care and put forth the training necessary to ensure you have the right people in place.

At CMPA, we care about your workplace safety and compliance as much as we care about our own. It’s a top priority and it is the reason we do what we do every day. We are only successful as a company when we know you have a solid safety management plan and all of the necessary pieces in place—including all the right staffing.

Let our specially-designed services free you up from the challenge of finding and hiring safety coordinators and other staff for your projects. We simplify the process for you, so you have time and energy to focus on other tasks essential to your company.

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At Compliance Management Professionals Africa, our partnership has ignited a transformative journey in how we perceive workplace safety, human resource management, and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) management in the workplace. The depth of their expertise and tailored solutions has not only fortified our adherence to legal regulations but has also propelled our company culture to new heights. Their role goes beyond that of mere consultants; they have seamlessly integrated themselves as partners in our pursuit of success.

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