Fire Safety Training


To equip workers with skills and knowledge in proactive fire safety procedures, prevention, protection and fire safety management.



  1.        Introduction to fire safety
  2.        Fire Law
  3.        Legislation and regulations
  4.        Nature and chemistry of fire
  5.        Fire classification in accordance with ISO /TR9122-1
  6.        Fundamentals of fire prevention
  7.        Fire prevention
  8.        Fire detection and control
  9.        Fire safety policies management
  10.        Fire safety equipment and their uses
  11.        Maintenance of fire safety equipment
  12.        Planning for fire emergency
  13.        Planning for the fire aftermath
  14.        Fire investigation
  15.        Fire hazards at the workplace
  16.        Live demonstration and appliance use
  17.        Fire drill coordination


Completion rules

All units must be completed