Rigger and Signalman Training

Rigger and Signalman Training

Rigger and Signalman

A complete safety training course for riggers and signalers. This basic class covers an introduction to rigging, determining load weight, sling angles and stresses, center of gravity, basic hitches, sling types, lifting hardware, below-the-hook-devices, verbal communication, and hand signals. Quiz questions along the way prepare the trainee for the final written examination. The online course and written exam meet the OSHA requirements for riggers and signalers.

This course also includes practical exam guides and examination helps, as well as hand signal and rigging poster files, which can be accessed and used by your employer after the written exam for the purpose of administering the required practical examination.


  • Before You Begin
    • Getting Started
  • Section 1
    • Introduction, Load Weights
  • Section 2
    • Angles, Stresses, COG
  • Section 3
    • Sling Hitches, Sling Types
  • Section 4
    • Rigging Hardware, Lifting Devices
  • Section 5
    • Communication, Conclusion
  • Examinations
    • Rigger/Signaler Final Exam
    • Rigger/Signaler Practical Exam

Completion rules  

  • You must complete the test “Rigger/Signaler Final Exam”