Essential Excel Skills​

About this course
Creating Excel spreadsheets to enter and manipulate data is an important skill for the twenty-first century workplace. A well developed spreadsheet has the potential to increase productivity by saving time. This course will provide the essential Excel Spreadsheet knowledge and skills needed to participate in a twenty-first century workplace.

Training Provider
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Learning Outcomes
• Review the Excel Start screen
• Review the Quick Access Toolbar
• Review the Ribbon tab
• Review the Home tab
• Review the Insert tab
• Review the Page Layout tab
• Review the View tab
• Review the Help tab
• Demonstrate essential Excel skills

By successfully completing this course an Essential Skills Certificate will be automatically issued.

  • Introduction
  • Learn
  • Essential Excel Skills
  • Practice
  • Practice Essential Excel Skills
  • Submit
  • Certify
  • Essential Excel Skills Assessment
  • Submit
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed